QHSE Certification Marks

Quality management

Audits are categorised into 2 types based on the purpose as detailed under :-

  • Vendor Evaluation Audits
  • Vendor Facility Assessment Audits.
  • Vendor QMS Assessment.
  • Project Quality Audit


Vendor Evaluations Audits are done on system and factory facilities to confirm the competence, capability and resources of a vendor to perform a specific project and help the client reach a quality and timely project completion.

These Pre-Contact Audits, done by our Quality Assurance Engineers, survey and evaluates the vendor’s capability to undertake the orders according to the client requirements in performing the task and meeting the delivery deadline, thus being a great tool for clients to use, if they are considering placing orders with vendors they are not familiar with or in need to know the present factory condition such as infrastructure, work load, experience history etc.

In addition, it may also be beneficial to client, as part of a ‘lessons learnt’ to receive a full assessment of a vendor, once a problematic order has been completed with them.

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