Vendor Inspections, termed as Second or Third-Party Inspection involves activities performed at Suppliers/Manufacturers facilities (site or shop) of all types of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation & Communication commodities procured for Oil, Gas, Marine, Petrochemical & Power Industries.


Expedition is carried out in different levels: a.) Desk / Telephone Expediting Desk expediting is a form of expediting, performed without physical presence of the expeditor at vendor location. Desk expediting is mainly considered as a follow up way of communicating specific issues or periodic updates of milestones pertaining to the order in ‘on track’ projects.

Quality Management

Audits are categorized into 2 types based on the purpose as detailed under :-
› Vendor Evaluation Audits › Vendor Facility Assessment Audits. Vendor Evaluations Audits are done on system and factory facilities to confirm the competence, capability and resources of a vendor to perform a specific project and help the client reach a quality and timely project completion.
These Pre-Contact Audits..

Project Management

We offer the services of our professionals in the field of Project Management in executing Complex Projects in Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Power and Infrastructure Projects. Energy Engineering offers service of highly skilled and qualified Project Managers and related support staff for a respective Project tenure.
Our Professionals have the experience and track record to drive high-priority project to successful completion by adopting a thorough methodical approach in marshaling the allocated resources to achieve the project milestones in time.

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